Maurizio Gomez   

  AKA localbroe   
b. Oct. 9, 2000. Miami, FL. Cuban American.

Fine Arts. Illustration. Design. Constantly in search of combining, referencing, and innovating these creative practices through a process of refining concepts that are materialzed via physical and digital mediums.

 Artist Statement   

    I believe we are all impulsive by nature but we are conditioned to reevaluate how we live our lives. For the majority of my life, my mind has existed elsewhere: the past or the future, rarely ever the present. I’ve become interested in exploring ideas dealing with instinct, chance, escapism and pleasure in an effort to understand why there is a resistance to living in the moment.

    My practice in drawing lends itself to representing these ideas as I create illustrative characters to represent the craving I have to transcend my reality. In the dopamine-depraved age we live in, we are in a constant chase to immerse ourselves in something new every other minute, often regretting how we aren’t making the most out of each day. Drawing is one of the few acts in life which allows me to feel present. I like to create images which invite viewers to stop with me for a moment and question what our minds are truly geared towards. 

    I wish to challenge viewers to think differently about the imagination and its relationship with our daily lives. I would like for my audience to embrace the power of these themes in their own lives, learning to harness the force of their desires to enrich themselves, not become distracted from their personal goals.

 For all inquiries, collaborations, and creative services,  feel free to contact me here:  

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Phone - 305-496-3417
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