Go Fast  
 (Savor the Moment)

   Graphite on Graph Paper   
   8” x 8.5”   


  “You must be the best. You must do it now. You must do it fast.”  

These phrases cycle through my head as a pesky mantra to navigate through life. This illustration challenges the idea of how our quick-paced society conditions us to think fast is better, better must be faster.  When we accept this mentality, we refuse to savor the moment. All that a rush leaves behind is the absence of detail or a blurry memory of reality, two key components of living which I believe define us as a species. The ability to observe, recognize, capture. Yet, we are often left longing to transcend into the future or cling to the past because the present typically feels all too familiar.

  Imagine life being treated as if it were the last candy on Earth. Would you eat it quickly, in two bites, or would you let it slowly melt in your mouth, enjoying the taste till the very last bit?  

 Sometimes I Lose Some Time to   Play With That Friend  

   Digital Illustration   
   Print: 52” x 76”   

I’ve recently started to think about how people make decisions as well as why some of us are reactive instead of proactive. Decisions, on any scale, for the present or for the future, play an important role in our daily lives. A momentary paralysis caused by choice occurs before we are freed by a resolution. Feelings of ecstasy, restlessness, and hope are experienced before an outcome is generated. This idea of decision making has made me feel like much of life is a gamble as I often weigh the convenience of the moment over the risk it may have in store. Despite these ideas having a great pressure in my mind, I aimed to view them through a more playful lens in the making of this piece.


 Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not. 
 View full resolution image here.

 Run the Numbers  

   Acrylic and Ink on Florida Lottery Tickets   
   Dimensions Vary   

An ongoing series which I started in the tail end of 2023 exploring the idea of chance and how much the hand or mind of an individual can go into affecting aspects of luck. Good fortune could be on one’s side if they truly believe it, but without effort, the odds of success dwindle. My caricatures of athletes on lotto tickets symbolize this idea as they are some of the most industrious types of people in our society who approach life strategically without having a guaranteed victory.

 WIP. More to come in 2024.  

 Cosmic Breaks  

   Digital Illustration + Design   
Promotional posters advertising Cosmic Breaks, a collaborative rave between Pantheon Sound and SATURNSARii, two key players in Miami’s underground music scene. This event is focused on Jungle, Breakbeat, and DnB rhythms. These genres of music have had a great influence on my artistic vision so I naturally took the opportunity to create these illustrations for the party. Thanks to all the DJs the keeping the Junglist Movement alive.


 Bad Curtain  

  Charcoal on Paper, Painter’s Tape   
  44” x 76”   
Erotic art not only serves as a representation of how we experience pleasure, but it is a window to the more socially dishonorable aspects of life such as addiction or deviance. Bad Curtain is exactly what the name states, a shoddy paper drapery which exposes a side of my character that is concealed most of the time. This large scale work is intended to be displayed in a white-cube setting, going against the grain of what is traditionally acceptable. This cartoon-orgy rendered in charcoal (a material typically thought of as academic), painter’s tape (a pre-development tool), and cheap paper come together in this piece to challenge viewer’s modern-day notions of what is deemed “Fine Art”.