Go Fast  
 (Savor the Moment)

   Graphite on Graph Paper   
   8” x 8.5”   


  “You must be the best. You must do it now. You must do it fast.”  

These phrases cycle through my head as a pesky mantra to navigate through life. This illustration challenges the idea of how our quick-paced society conditions us to think fast is better, better must be faster.  When we accept this mentality, we refuse to savor the moment. All that a rush leaves behind is the absence of detail or a blurry memory of reality, two key components of living which I believe define us as a species. The ability to observe, recognize, capture. Yet, we are often left longing to transcend into the future or cling to the past because the present typically feels all too familiar.

  Imagine life being treated as if it were the last candy on Earth. Would you eat it quickly, in two bites, or would you let it slowly melt in your mouth, enjoying the taste till the very last bit?